Final Desire Quick Lick “Välk”

Sündinud/Born: 31.07.2020
Omanik/Owner: Kaasomandis kenneliga Final Desire/Co-owned with Kennel Final Desire
: Kennel Final Desire.

Vasakul Final Desire Quick Lick “Välk” koos õdede ja vendadega, ema keskel/ On the left Final Desire Quick Lick “Välk” with his siblings and mother in the middle

Isa/ Sire
Stonepit Make It Happen “Happy

Odelie du Castel Petits Couers “Odette”

Kennel Final Desire
Laura Põltsam & Ama Läte
Mob: (+372) 56 481 696
Tallinn, Estonia